Additive-Free  Barley Miso

Additive-Free Barley Miso

Mugi miso made exclusively using Japanese farmed ingredients. It is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

BARLEY: Japanese crops, Nishinohoshi/Nishinochikara from Saga.

SOYA BEAN: Fukuyutaka beans harvested in Fukuoka, exclusively Non Genetically Modified crops.

NATURAL SEA SALT:  pure Isoshio from the Goto seas around Nagasaki.

SPRING WATER: awarded as one of the best 100 natural spring waters in Japan.

We also use the finest Kojikin (Barley malt), unseasoned with no artificial flavours added or other additives.

We have one miso variety, that is light coloured and mildly sweet, and the other which is dark coloured and fermented over one year. The barley miso we create is alive and naturally matured. Additive-Free Komori Miso brings you energy and excellent taste.