Our Focus

Our Focus

Authentic Ingredients

We only use the finest Japanese-made ingredients, selected by the experts, to create the highest quality miso.Using plenty of barley malt makes miso that tastes sweet, nice and richly flavourful. Our mugi miso contains a large amount of barley malt - the ratio of barley malt to soya beans is 7:3, and fermentation is strong so that yeast and beneficial lactobacillus bacteria stay alive. Being fermented makes digestion and absorption easy.

Water Percentage

Our Barley Miso contains less water, compared to the other Barley Miso, and so it has to be prepared and packed by hand. In Nagasaki, people usually use a miso strainer to make miso soup, although it can be made without using a strainer in order to keep the grains of barley whole. The miso soup is then poured on top of rice in a bowl. Our recipes have not changed at all since we were established in 1954. We hope you enjoy this barley miso that we are so proud of.

Quality standards

No alcohol or preservatives are added. We pride ourselves on providing true, authentic-tasting miso, individually packed once an order has been processed. Our miso is naturally fermented, a process that can maximise nutritional value, and creates a richer miso due to its longer maturation period.


We have minimised our advertising costs, in order to provide top-quality miso at reasonable prices compared to other companies. Miso soup and rice is a staple of Japanese cuisine, and it's our philosophy to reliable quality at affordable prices.

Miso strainer

Grinding our miso using special miso strainer brings out the aromatic flavour of barley malts (Kojikin), and "umami", the deep savoury flavour attributed to Japanese cuisine.


In 1990, we set up a water purification facility next to our factory, to help reduce the impact of pollution on the local environment. All our wastewater is carefully treated to ensure that we leave minimal harmful impact on our environment.