Our Natural Ingredients

Our Natural Ingredients


The principal ingredients starch turns into sugar, which gives miso its sweetness. Sugar is the only nutrient which provides the energy for your brain to work. Having miso soup for breakfast carries energy to your brain efficiently, so that you can concentrate on your work and study. Comparing barley with rice, barley is high in fibre, and glutamine acid which creates the "umami" (delicious, savoury) taste of miso. Miso soup and rice form an excellent part of a balanced diet.

[Soya bean]

It is said that soya bean is the "meat" from the field, containing rich vegetable proteins. It helps build the body, including blood, bones, hair, skin, and nails from head to toe, inside and out. Soya bean is well balanced with essential amino acids. Amino acids and lipids from the soya bean bring out miso's "umami" taste and rich flavour.


Salt is a very crucial part of the taste of miso, to bring out the "umami" taste of amino acids. It also helps to create a comfortable environment for miso to ferment. Saltiness gets milder as the process of fermentation continues.


The quality of water affects miso in various ways, its colour, taste, and ingredients. Komori miso uses spring water from Shimabara, which is acclaimed as one of the best 100 natural spring waters in Japan for its purity and mild taste.