Q Can I eat miso even if it's discoloured?

A Yes, you can.

There's no need for concern. Miso is fermented food, please store it in a fridge or cool place if you'd like to avoid discolouring.

Q How can I keep miso fresh?

A We strongly recommend storing miso in a fridge or cool place.

Kept in a fridge, miso will not discolour, so that you can enjoy the rest of it.
Miso is fermented food, so it can become reddish and watery after reaction to heat.
This should be kept in mind in Summer.

Q The miso is releasing a brown liquid. Is this safe to eat?

A Yes, of course!

This brown liquid is simply a flavourful part of the miso and is normal - you can stir it back into the miso if you prefer.