The history of our company

The history of our company...

Company Name: The Komori Miso Company
Head Office: 1530 Hei Nakano, Shimabara, Nagasaki, 855-0001, Japan
Representative Director: Hirozumi Sanaka
Established: April 1954
Incorporated: November 1969
Starting Capital: 10,000,000 Yen
Purpose: Manufacture and sales of Barley Miso


創業者 佐仲弘
The founder Hiroshi Sanaka struck a well in Shimabara, which later became the foundation of our miso production.



04.1954 Nine years after the end of World War 2, the founder Hiroshi Sanaka set up business manufacturing Barley Miso and selling it door to door in the Shimabara area of Nagasaki Prefecture, benefiting from the area's naturally rich and fertile climate.

Our basic miso 'Komori Miso' was released. The recipe remains the same to this day.

08.1968  Applied for the 'Komori Miso' trademark registration.
11.1969   Established Shimabaraichi Miso Honpo Ltd.
05.1972  Applied for the 'Komori Doll' trademark registration.
03.1973  'Komori Miso' trademark is officially registered.
01.1976  'Komori Doll' trademark is officially registered.
04.1976  Introduced a stainless steel automatic malts system.
09.1977  Introduced an air tight packaging system.
12.1978  The name of the company was changed from 'Shimabaraichi Miso Honpo Ltd.' to 'Komori Miso Company'.
04.1981  Our new packaging facility was opened.
10.1987  'Inaka Miso' is released.
04.1987  'Low-salt Inaka Miso' is released.
10.1987  Applied for 'Inaka Miso' and 'Low-Salt Inaka Miso' trademark registration.
08.1988  Introduced an all stainless steel automatic malts system.
02.1990  'Inaka Miso' and 'Low-Salt Inaka Miso' are officially registered. 
03.1990  Introduced a water purification facility called the "activated sludge system".
11.1990   Mt. Fugen erupts.
04.1995  The eruption of Mt. Fugen subsides.
07.2006 'Aditive-Free Komori Miso' is released, in a variety of packages to suit individual needs.
11.2009 「田」 DEN Series: Mugi Miso, Chojuku, Miso with Dashi, and Miso with Protein are released.
08.2010 The introduction of a new packaging 'Komori Miso' printed with aqueous ink.
01.2011 Freeze-dried miso soup with fresh Japanese mushrooms and Kuzu -'Tsubutsubu mugi no omisoshiru' is released.